Caracol, deep within the Chiquibul Forest Reserve of the Maya Mountains in the Cayo District, is the site of one of Belize’s most important Maya cities. Structures have been dated from around 300 BCE to 800 CE, and at its peak, Caracol was home to over 100,000 inhabitants. Covering an area of nearly 25,000 acres, this site is impressive not only for its size but also for its immense agricultural field system and elaborate city planning.

The main temple Canna (Sky Place), offers you incredible views of the surrounding jungle. At 143 feet high, it is the tallest human-made structure in the country. The ancient Maya created not only a spectacular structure but also incorporated excellent acoustics so that priests’ and rulers’ voices could be heard clearly by the masses assembled in the plaza below.

This package also includes exploring the Rio Frio Cave considered one of the best caving systems throughout Belize. With a length of around a quarter mile, there is no shortage of natural wonders along the way. Explore the many natural fresh-water pools, waterfalls, and stalactite formations. This is one of the top attractions within the Mountain Pine Ridge Forest Reserve and is easily accessed at the entry point of the reserve.

The view of the entry of the cave is in itself amazing, standing 65 feet tall. What awaits inside is nature at its most spectacular forms. Take a trip here and be captivated by the pristine wonders of Belize.

This adventure package includes:

What to bring:

Waterproof Cameras / Phone Pouch
Money for souvenirs
Mosquito Repellent / Bug spray
Waterproof bag (safeguard phone etc)
Change of Clothing (in case you choose to go swimming)